Connecting perspectives is the pathway to building better relationships. The Birkman Method is an assessment process that measures, explores, and interprets the perspectives that exist behind the obvious. It uncovers characteristics that influence our perceptions, behaviour, and motivations in our relationships.

Leadership Development

Leadership is the most critical factor in determining an organization’s success. Companies that survive and prosper do so because of strong leaders. But leadership effectiveness develops over time; it’s a continuous process of learning, development, and feedback. Implementing leadership development programs designed for specific levels of talent can build the capacity of your leadership pipeline and address your leadership gaps.

Team Development

High performing teams are characterized by high levels of trust, superior communication, and a clear understanding of roles and purpose. They analyze problems more effectively, make better decisions and are more fundamentally results-driven. The following facilitation services are designed for intact teams to take performance to the next level or mitigate the risk of a new mandate or leader.

Leadership Coaching

ALD offers coaching so that individuals can reach their potential in a sustainable way. Unfortunately, coaching is often associated with remedial help. In reality coaching is best when individuals or organizations, out of their own desire to move ahead, engage a coach to move towards their goals and to increase their leadership capacity.
Our experience of working with a wide spectrum of corporate senior leadership, entrepreneurs, non-profit leadership, and educational leaders, allows our new firm to appreciate and engage the diversities of leadership life. For 17 years Mark has been working with men and women in a confidential, focused manner putting the pieces of their preferred future together. We are absolutely committed to doing our best to support you reach your best.
Mark is a Erickson Certified Coach and is part of the International Coaching Federation. (ICF)
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1. Client centered.
2. Strongly committed to being the guardian of the coaching process with the client being responsible for the content & outcomes.
3. Strong-thinking partner but in a transparent manner.
4. Challenge clients on their assumptions and assist them towards sustainable, behavioral change, all within a supportive environment.
5. Committed to confidentiality


1. Individual Birkman Assessment
2. Birkman 360
3. 360 based on individual interviews.
code of ethics
1. ALD Coaching & Consulting adheres to the Ethics of the International Coach Federation
2. For more information click here – link to ICF website code of ethics.


What are the benefits of leadership coaching?
They are as diverse as the people that are coached. That being said, a team of executive coaches from Royal Roads Coaching found that coaching “helps individuals learn and “habitualize” skills, approaches, and/or ways of thinking that are specific to their own development opportunities, goals and needs.
As a result of coaching, individuals have:
1. Gained a broader perspective or range of options for addressing business issues
2. Increased their business contribution by maximizing their strengths and compensating for any gaps in their skills
3. Improved the effectiveness and results of their teams
4. Gained confidence
5. Recognized and moved past obstacles
6. Developed their strategic capabilities
7. Become more effective leaders by gaining insight and clarity to make more objective, thoughtful and confident decisions
8. Clarified their priorities and remained focused on them
9. Developed a renewed motivation for accomplishing their objectives
10. Realized their opportunities for making a positive business impact”

Organizational Development

Organizational health is about making a company function effectively by building a cohesive leadership team, establishing real clarity among those leaders, communicating that clarity to everyone within the organization and putting in place just enough structure to reinforce that clarity going forward.

Board Development

Governance is poorly understood and neglected by far too many organizations. Over our many years of leading, consulting to and working as staff with a wide variety of not-for-profit Boards we have seen many issues consistently creating sub-optimal organizational outcomes:
• Board members not clear on their role or contribution, not feeling they are making a difference
• Meetings that bog down in details and re-cycle the same issues
• Ineffective relationships between Boards and staff, often characterized by “meddling” Board members and frustrated staff
• Inadequate oversight of core financial, personnel and program activities and outcomes
Our Approach
We custom-design an approach, working with Board Officers, senior staff, and the full Board, that could involve:
1. A formal diagnosis (using confidential surveys) and analysis of both needs, challenges and opportunities for improvement;
2. Clarification of the roles and mandate of various bodies: Staff, Officers, Committees and the full Board;
3. Review and re-work key Board processes · planning, program and staff evaluation, financial oversight, meeting structure, recruitment and orientation.
We bring a wide arrange of time-proven models, processes, agendas and other resources that help Boards avoid re-inventing the wheel. We employ our extensive Board experience to make sure the solution is pragmatic and long-lasting.