Winston Churchill

Team Lead, Certified Birkman Consultant

Winston Churchill is the founder and CEO of ACME Leadership Development. Over 20 years in sales, management, and business ownership have provided Winston with an extensive portfolio of real life, rubber on the road, blood sweat and tears experience in leadership, management and workplace culture development.

In 2014, Winston stepped away from the day to day management of a successful Telecom Service company that employees over 50 people and embarked with the ACME Leadership Development team on a mission to help discover and develop healthy leadership cultures in other organizations.

Winston is a Birkman Certified Consultant and continues to develop other tools and resources needed to meet the needs of ACME’s clients.

Like his namesake, Winston never surrenders as he passionately pursues the ACME Leadership Development vision of Leadership Developed, Teams Empowered, and Communities Served.

Virginia Churchill

Administration, Certified Birkman Consultant

Virginia Churchill has been a business owner for 10 years and has had 25 years of experience in the clerical and administrative world. Her heart is towards helping people grow and move forward towards personal reflection and improvement and emotional intelligence awareness.

Birkman Certification has helped bring Virginia to a new level in helping to understand individuals and teams. Her background having been raised in various countries gives her a wider perspective in the realm of merging teams and cultures today.

Her additional interests lie in setting up administrative procedures, writing and editing policy and working with HR and related matters.


Leadership Developed | Teams Empowered | Communities Served


Our mission is discovering and developing healthy leadership. We believe that healthy leadership results in healthy teams which are empowered to positively impact the communities in which we live and work. We believe that trust is the foundation which enables this to be accomplished. Through relevant learning, personal development, anchored by clarity, we ensure excellent results.

Core Values

Trust – Everything we do begins with Trust. To be trusted is the greatest of all compliments, and the hardest one to achieve. On a foundation of trust, we embrace healthy conflict in our pursuit of development, empowerment, and service.

Learning – In our commitment to be relevant, we continually develop ourselves, Learning personally, professionally and technically to serve others better.

Clarity – We commit to use Clarity as our anchor for a healthy culture. Clarity is our essential element for bringing success to our professional and personal relationships.

“Connecting perspectives is the pathway to building better relationships. The Birkman Method is an assessment process that measures, explores, and interprets the perspectives that exist behind the obvious. It uncovers characteristics that influence our perceptions, behaviour, and motivations in our relationships. ACME Leadership Development’s certified Birkman Consultants use this assessment during the development of teams and leaders, in career counselling, executive coaching, conflict resolution, organizational culture and building communications skills with our clients.”